Operational eXcellence by Integrating Learned information into AcTionable Expertise

Oxilate focuses on supporting systems which are fully integrated in the customer’s operating environment and workflow and reacting to the customer needs in an agile manner, closing the gap towards a ‘DevOps’ way of working.


Most societal and industrial innovations have become reliant on the deployment of software-intensive high-tech system technologies in one form or another. The challenge for the European high-tech systems industry is to accommodate these technologies to pursue a position as world-leader in their respective markets. In that process, industry is increasingly confronted with a need to reposition itself in its value chain. Whereas the traditional product manufacturing model is steadily becoming obsolete, the emphasis rapidly shifts to providing total end-user solutions. This requires high-tech systems companies to address an emerging role as both system integrator and service provider of smart systems and solutions that flawlessly can be integrated and serviced in the ever-changing customers’ operating environment.

This challenge is taken up by Oxilate, the successor of the successful ITEA Reflexion[1] project which supported changing the industry’s R&D way of working revolutionary[2] by introducing and integrating wide-spread available data analytic solutions from the open source and data science communities. Reflexion evangelized and accelerated the adoption of data analytics in R&D product engineering, activating R&D engineers to unleash the value out of system data harvested from operational high-tech systems. Oxilate focuses on providing support for systems fully integrated in the customer’s operational workflow. This is done by development and integration of ‘actionable’ data analytics with expert knowledge into widely available support and (independent) tools for professionals, creating direct business value in the product life-cycle they serve. Like in the Reflexion approach, the focus is on exploiting wide-spread available solutions from the open source and data science communities, but now to empower professionals to  transform their business activities to become more proactive and effective in their respective life-cycle phase. For example, by developing a support tool analysing system failure root causes, driven by expert models based on the internals of the system design, for local market unit service engineers.

The expected market impact [1] for industry is diverse: better undestanding of the whole value chain resulting in (Valmet Automation), acces to new internationalmarkets (finish mid-cap and SME companies), market share increaseby higher service levels for existing and new business (SII Cancatel TYP:  avg. +25%), faster TTM, better product positioning, swift adaptionto changes in emerging market demands( SII Concatel, Valmet Automation). The tool /platform /service developers (Siemens Industry Software, Insta Digital OY, ..) will benefit by extending their tool and service porfolios and achieve commercial exploitation, both inside and outside the Oxilate application domains (up to +20 M€ yearly). Within five innovation areas the total product life-cycle will be brought to the next level: 

  1. Coordinated platforms to connect (business) operations in all life-cycles phases / disciplines. 
  2. Knowledge mobilization using digital twin.
  3. Exploiting insights in customer usage to expand service offerings and improve the customer experience.
  4. Digital user assistance integrating expert knowledge and user interaction data to provide autonomous expert-level support.
  5. Proactive service diagnostics enabling non-experts to realize proactive alerting and root-cases / resolutions identification for field issues. 

The cooperation will be centred around relevant industry domains / cases for which both innovation and market impact will be demonstrated. The project results will provide key advantages for European high-tech industry in exploring and improving new opportunities for existing products and services, as well as securing the development of new business propositions.

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