Operational eXcellence by Integrating Learned information into AcTionable Expertise

Introducing OXILATE’s AI-powered digital business expert – a revolutionary solution that surpasses human capabilities by utilizing previously inaccessible data and cutting-edge processing techniques. 
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The European high-tech systems industry is facing a challenge to accommodate software-intensive high-tech systems and technologies. To address this challenge, high-tech systems companies assume an emerging role as both system integrators and service providers of smart systems and solutions that can be seamlessly integrated and serviced within the constantly evolving operating environment of their customers.

OXILATE has successfully developed an artificial intelligence-powered digital business expert that provides support for systems fully integrated into the customer’s operational workflow. This was achieved through the development and integration of “actionable” data analytics with expert knowledge into already available support tools for professionals, resulting in direct business value in the product life-cycle.

The project results have provided the high-tech systems industry with improved capabilities to operate as a solution provider that exceeds human capacity, particularly in terms of significant improvements in professional product life-cycle support in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These capabilities are expected to provide important benefits to the European high-tech systems industry by exploring new opportunities in existing and entering new global market segments, and by supporting a European leading position in developing smart systems, solutions, and their associated services.

The OXILATE project has adopted a collaborative approach beyond the business interests of individual national consortia, incorporating a diverse range of industrial organizations, service and technology providers, and applied knowledge institutes. In order to represent the core of the European high-tech industry, key industrial organizations from Belgium, Finland, Turkey, and Spain have participated in OXILATE. The diversity of the involved non-competitive high-tech system domain ensures optimal cross-domain and cross-border collaboration and maximizes the sharing of results within the consortium.

The technical innovation of OXILATE lies in the development of flexible data-driven tools, methods, processes, models, and platforms that fuse expert knowledge with data analytics on operational data. These tools are designed to be future-proof and resilient to changes over time regarding the product life-cycle, while the focus of these “actionable” tools is on smart, semi-automatic, support for digesting operational data.

The most important benefits of digital enablement and digital servitization are empowering professionals in their business activities, improving customer responsiveness and satisfaction, generating revenue from installed customer bases, increasing productivity for customers, developing better and more efficient products, and creating new revenue streams.

OXILATE results demonstrate that these benefits can be achieved cost-effectively and efficiently, making it a promising solution for the European high-tech systems industry. OXILATE’s base technologies are the support for our four individual use cases.

Finland: Process automation support with Valmet Automation and Enterprise content management platforms with M-Files.

Belgium: Product life-cycle management support tools with Siemens Industry Software.

Spain: Insurtech with TyP and SII Concatel.

Turkiye: Industrial Process Automation in Digital Twin Research with IND Bilisim and TurkTraktor.

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